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List of Associations

Philippine Educational Charities
(Founded: 2007 | Members: 4 )
Michael D, Lampkin
Our charity banner
201 West Vineyard Ave. # 17



Did you know that schools in the Philippines are severely under funded. Teaching supplies and student school supplies are always in critically short supply. Here in the West we are blessed with the opportunity to receive a solid education. Sadly, this is not true for children in the Philippines. It seems unimaginable that at times students do not even have a pen or a pencil to write with and must resort to borrowing from other students. We may think a pen or pencil is small and very cheap but to a Filipino family who may make only $3.00 a day, school supplies or even a pen or pencil is low on their list of priorities.

Hello, I am Michael Lampkin, founder of Philippine Educational Charities. My goal, my dream is to help needy schools, teachers and students by donating much needed school supplies. Will you join me? The supplies do not even have to be new, only usable. A child in the Philippines can use any of your used pencils, pens, your child’s unused crayons, color pencils, colored markers, street chalk, books (reading, science, math, history), flash cards (math, reading, colors, numbers & letters), educational games, tempera paint, brushes, musical instruments and much more. A list of needed supplies is listed on this web site.

I am not asking for your money. Your donation of school supplies can help us achieve our goal of helping children who have very little or sometimes nothing at all.

Thanks for visiting our site!


Michael Lampkin

Online Bulletin:

Help us raise 1 million pens & 1 million pencils by the end of the year. I do not want any money from you, just a new or used pencil or pen as long as it is workable. Any one can do this any where in the world. Ask every person you know, friends, family members or just any one to donate 1 pen or 1 pencil. It is that easy. We have 3 main addresses. 1. In the USA. 2. In the UK. 3. In the Philippines. I humbly ask for your help. If we can raise the million pens and pencils, 1 million students can start the school year off next year in June just with even the basics. Are you willing to help?
God Bless


We are a Non-for profit charity. We are trying to help school, teachers, and students in the Philippines by donation school supplies free of charger. We are not asking for any money. We just want help is raising school supplies for school in the Philippines. I have been doing this for 2 years now as a private citizen but now with request from other school wanting help with school supplies I had created this charity. Please visit our site at I am also on face book as Michael D, Lampkin add me as a friend. Also e-mail me any time at God bless.

Board Members:

Michael D. Lampkin( Founder/CEO)
Arie Sach(VP)


Upcoming Events

Today's date is: 4/28/2017

Mission Vision Ambition


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